Dora Zeneth Reynosa

For Dora Reynosa, artistically known as Zeneth, art is more than color, technique and visual expression. It is hope, connection, and the chance to communicate with our inner child. The multidisciplinary visual artist and muralist was born and raised in Acuña, Coahuila, Mexico, before moving to Dallas. As a child, Zeneth grew up in poverty. Her father introduced her to the visual arts, only to be separated from her at the age of four after her parents got divorced.

Art proved to be her space to create, heal, find individuality, and survive in a harsh environment. She was a voracious student, practicing coloring, doodling, painting, and embroidery. She was particularly captivated by the vibrant color combinations and patterns of embroidery, an ancient tradition that connected her to her Mexican roots.

Dora Zeneth

Today, Zeneth’s paintings are almost “explosions” of embroidery. Her abstract designs, bold expressions of color, and precise, clean lines create striking and thought-provoking compositions. They are an exploration of her inner child, and an invitation for you to reconnect with yours.

“El Nectar de la Tierra”

“The Nectar of the Earth”

The theme of the piece encapsulates the epitome of Mexican culture through the use of eyes, calaveras (skulls), agave plants, agriculture fields, vibrant colors and embroidered flowers, including Reynosa’s own unique style which reflects movement, fluidity, life and energy. With all these elements, her artwork is a reminder of Reynosa’s love of her Mexican heritage, that has drawn inspiration from her main call to action to be seen and valued in her Latinidad.​
“El Nectar de la Tierra” mural
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