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San Jose

Restaurant Installation: August 2nd

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Hector studied architecture and worked for an architectural firm in Cancun designing homes along the beachfront. In his spare time he loved to paint, but he soon made his hobby his full-time calling. Since then, Hector has dedicated himself to painting murals and canvases. Inspired by Latin/Mexican traditions, myths, legends, and natural elements, he uses mixed media techniques combining sprays, acrylics, inks and airbrush to create overlay effects, volumes and depth in his work. His art can be found across Mexico, as well as in the United States, where he has been invited to paint large-scale projects in cities, private businesses and universities. 

Watch the Artist Bring the Color to

San Jose

"Patterns of Nature"

"Patrones de la Naturaleza"

As Tapatío, Hector Covarrubias, showcases his heritage and the Latino culture in its truest form through the use of contemporary art and key symbols. “Patterns of Nature” uses specific characteristics to demonstrate Mexican folklore and history with components, such as the butterfly to signify the history of immigrant travel and the native cempasuchil (marigold) flowers of his home country. 

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