Welcome to Ritmo y Color. This is where we speak through song, articulate through art, and celebrate the evolution and revolution that is our Latino culture. We don’t just march, we matter. We don’t just dream, we do. Ours is the generation of change and challenge. Ours is the music of the moment.


Ritmo y Color celebrates the fusion of Latin Urban Music and Art, brought to life by artists who both Champion and Transcend their generation. McDonald’s is proud to serve as the platform where their unique vision can be realized. From coast to coast and from canvas to stage, we Amplify their voices and invite you to Follow, Share and Embrace this space as yours.

Miami’s Little Havana, Houston’s Gulfgate/Pine Valley, and East Los Angeles are communities with deep Latin roots. In each neighborhood, a McDonald’s restaurant will serve as the canvas for a takeover by an Urban Latino artist from their respective cities. These visual storytellers will transform the restaurant into a vibrant expression of their culture, a tribute to their heritage and to the Latino experience today.

Learn More About the Visual Artists Below

A true work of art deserves its own playlist. To add Ritmo to the Color, three of today’s leading Latin Urban voices in music will perform a concert that will be virtually streamed after each takeover. Our visual storytellers will adorn each venue in the same style as their takeovers, giving fans a virtual space where they can hear, see and celebrate a truly unique expression of Latino culture. And you can RSVP for the performances exclusively on Ritmo y Color.