Ivan Roque

Born in 1991, Cuban-American artist Ivan J. Roque embodies the immigrant mentality that “nothing can stop you because you’re bred for perseverance.” His mother arrived from Cuba to the U.S. on a freedom flight in the 1970s, and his father was among the thousands of balseros who made the treacherous journey to Miami in the late 1980s. Their willingness to follow their hearts in order to make their dreams a reality inspired Ivan as a young artist growing up in Miami. His early canvases were abandoned buildings and train tracks, but he never gave up on his pursuit of a career in art. Ivan’s work reflects his passion for the concepts of birth, death, time, renewal and social dynamics, as well as the ritmo y color of the many Latino communities in his home city.

Ivan Roque
His artistic influences range from contemporary fashion designers to old masters, and his work often features flora and fauna. Most notable are his vines, which signify the connection between all living things, energy and time. Ivan’s work has brought him global recognition, with exhibitions and shows in New York City, Dubai and Seoul, among many other cities. He also has had three gallery solo shows and one museum solo show at the Coral Springs Museum of Art. He has a Bachelor’s of Art in Visual Arts from the Florida International University.

“De la Misma Ala”

“From the Same Wing”

The concept of the artwork stems from the idea that Latinos all originate from a similar group of people. Being Latino means always standing in unity, regardless of what country you are from.​ It depicts various flowers and national birds from Latin America, here depicting those from Guatemala and Honduras. The golden feather depicted in the in-store merchandise represents the richness of Latino nations and Latino culture as a whole.​
“De la Misma Ala” mural
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