Liliana Mora

Liliana Mora didn’t have a traditional Latin upbringing. The Colombian-American artist was born in Bogotá but raised in Buffalo, NY. Growing up, Liliana often felt removed from her culture and a bit of an underdog, but moving to Arizona changed her life, as well as her art. Nature has always been her muse, and the flora and fauna of Arizona, along with its vibrant Latin communities, offered a rich cultural and visual landscape for this muralist, painter and illustrator.

Elements of Colombia, New York, and Arizona are often featured in Liliana’s work, and her drive to continuously learn about and embrace her Colombian roots inspire her creativity every day. “The Jaguar, a native wild cat of Colombia, symbolizes strength and courage. That is what it means to be Latina,” she says.

“Tú Eres Fuerte”

“You Are Strong”

This work symbolizes the artist’s past, present, and future in learning more about her heritage. It’s rooted in bright, bold, and exciting colors, as well as natural elements. The hummingbird is a staple in the west coast, and the curvy lines are symbolic of the winding juniper trees in Sedona, AZ. The raw fierceness of the leopard is a nod to the dynamics of her Latina culture.

"Tú Eres Fuerte" Mural
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