Rah Azul

Born in East Los Angeles and raised in the San Fernando Valley, RAH Azul’s experience has paved the way to his artistic and culturally infused vision. As a teenager he’d find inspiration in graffiti, breakdancing, skateboarding and hip-hop. All these forms of expression would eventually culminate into the discovery of RAH Azul’s indigenous roots. Finding his voice in the representation of his Mexican ancestry. Painting murals and canvases that focus on the imagery and stories of the great Aztec and Maya civilizations. Blending a modern perspective with an ancient tradition. 

RAH Azul’s family migrated from a small Pueblo in Jalisco, Mexico called Zapotlanejo. They arrived in Los Angeles in the early eighties with the hopes of starting a new life. Things were harder than expected and RAH’s family would experience many challenging situations that would test their strength and perseverance. RAH Azul would lose his mother at the age of 16 while still in high school and his father ten years later. These tragic experiences would propel RAH into a life full of passion, purpose creativity. Transforming pain and struggle into a beautifully painted existence.

Rah Azul

“La Metamorfosis Floreciente”

“The Blossoming Metamorphosis”

The concept for this work of art is growth, perseverance, and transformation. All Latinos can relate to the Monarch Butterfly’s yearly migration from North America back to its final destination in Michoacán, Mexico. Against all odds, it finds ways to persevere and overcome unforeseen challenges. The flowers represent the beautiful colors of Latino culture, the vines are the veins that carry these traditions, and the movement captures the essence of Latino pride and deep-rooted nature.

"La Metamorfosis Floreciente" Mural
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