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Restaurant Installation: August 15th

Born and raised in the Bronx, NYC, Carlos draws inspiration from his upbringings and experiences. The Miami-based artist is inspired by positive energy, music, nature and spirituality, which all play a part in his message and work. Carlos’ overall goal is to bring a positive message to the world via color and content.

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"Savor the Sounds"

"Saborea los Sonidos"

“Savor the Sounds” is a visual representation of how music, food and culture come together in harmony. Inspired by the artist’s upbringing and life as a Hispanic artist in South Florida, it is a reflection of how music, colors and flavors have impacted his art. This is the harmony that tells our story and how these three elements can be used, not only as a community, but also as individuals. “When making new memories, I encourage you to remember the colors, flavors and sounds of that moment. You will never forget it.”

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