Headshot of Manola and Maria Ramirez

Manola and Maria


San Antonio

Restaurant Installation: June 14th

Manola and Maria Ramirez are both UT Austin Graduates with a BFA in studio art. Each has her own art practice, but the two artists have been working as a duo since 2018 on collaborations including painting, printmaking, installations, murals, and public art. Their work is inspired by their surroundings, culture, and nature, and they recently curated their first all-women show called La Dama, which featured contemporary local San Antonio artists. 

Watch the Artist Bring the Color to

San Antonio

"Threads of Guidance"

"Hilos de Orientación"

This piece was inspired by the influence of our Mexican culture, traditions, and ancestors. Color is so important in Mexican culture, there are entire towns known for their colorful buildings alone. The shapes are inspired by the traditional folkloric dress from Jalisco, Mexico, made with ribbons that create beautiful organic shapes when the dancer swings her skirt. The design also incorporates patterns inspired by talavera pottery, which is native to Guanajuato, where the artists’ family is from. And the flowers are a loving tribute to their grandparents, who taught them to love nature. 

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