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Restaurant Installation: July 19th

A Chicago native, Mauricio Ramirez is heavily influenced by his Mexican culture, so much so that he developed a unique color theory emulating the vibrancy of his community. A visual artist who specializes in contemporary murals, commercial and fine arts, he is best known for his pixelated murals, which are made using a technique of breaking downbursts of colors and triangles. Mauricio is committed to social narratives and the history of his roots. He often depicts familiar figures with a fresh and current style of contemporary art and immerses himself in the cultural scene, focusing on engagement and connections with members of the community through his art.

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"Seeds of Color"

"Semillas de Colores"

The design opens to a world of color, difference and individuality, a harmonious collaboration with all elements working together to represent all Latin people of Chicago. The design merges two artistic styles together: traditional Mexican embroidery  known as “Tenangos” and geometric poly-wave, which symbolizes the past and present, ultimately expressing what it feels like to be Latino today in Chicago. The main focus is the flying bird, which soars across Chicago, wrapping its wings across the city in a gesture of love.

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